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Friday, 13 September 2013

The island of Bali is compared to other islands in the Indian Ocean quite small , but it is among the largest island nation of Indonesia. Since 1949, Bali is officially part of the archipelago , and has since gained even more importance. Bali is also regarded as the westernmost small Sunda Islands and is located between the Indonesian islands of Java and Lombok . Since Bali is thereby only a few miles away from the Malay Peninsula and the mainland , there is here a similar flora and fauna, as in the rest of the Asian continent . But even below the island between Bali and Lombok runs the Wallace line . This describes the bio-geographical dividing line between Asian and Australian flora and fauna. Bali's neighboring island of Lombok therefore has an almost completely different flora and fauna, although this is also just a few miles away. However, a fixed separation created by the depth of the sea at the Wallace Line , which itself could not overcome nature. Anyone who is planning a trip around Bali , should therefore expect Asian climes and especially to adjust to the many mountains because  most of them are of volcanic origin . The fact that Bali is located on two tectonic plates , which was to move into each other created an entire volcanic line , which even today is preparing the population by huge eruptions problems. Meanwhile, however, could bring the problem under control , the volcanic eruptions, while still on the lookout warnings should be kept . 

Nature on the tour Bali 
Who still dares to near the volcanoes, is rewarded with gigantic impressions. The highest of these volcanoes is Gunung Agung , which means as much as Big Mountain . He is not only the highest mountain on the island , but is also often referred to by the people as the seat of the gods. The fauna of Bali is still species-rich and consists mainly of various species of monkeys , snakes and lizards. The unique Bali Tiger is extinct since the 40s and even in zoos are no longer living specimens . Yet nature is still almost untouched and should therefore be treated with a tour Bali with the highest carefulness . 

Discover during a tour Bali 
For several years, Bali is a popular destination among travelers , so the former tip quickly became a blockbuster. Nowadays, often traveling to Bali are offered , but most are limited only to the coastal areas with the large hotel complexes created for tourists and the ancient charm of Bali is increasingly pushed to the background. This Bali has much more to offer than just sun, beach and sea. For a round trip to Bali and the hidden places of the island can explore and leave so special impressions.
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