Eat During A Holiday In Bali

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Also the food in Bali designed as a religious challenge . In most cases, a victim is brought before the intake of the food . Main course and indispensable part of all food is rice. Although in Bali even grow potatoes and cassava , this never replace the popular travellers . For the Balinese rice is so essential that even in fast food restaurants is served to guests instead of fries. These are served only on request . By sailors from all over the world, various spices could sneak into the kitchen of Bali , which refine the food of the Balinese . Do not be during your holiday in Bali about the arrangement of the food on the table surprised because everything is served at once . Here no distinction between appetizer, main course and dessert , but eat exactly when you want to eat it . So the holiday in Bali even designed a culinary variety. 

Holiday experience in Bali 

In general, you can call the Balinese people as highly religious. Almost any everyday situation runs without religious background. This Bali , along with India , Nepal and Mauritius, the only region  with a Hindu majority. The force exerted here Hindu Dharma religion affects around 90 % of the population . Bali is a world by the nickname "Island of a Thousand Temples " known , because every community has at least three temples . These are composed of the Puseh Pura ( temple origin ) , Pura Desa Temple ( grand council ) and the Pura Dalem ( temple of death ) . In many communities, and Puseh Pura Pura Desa are merged in a large temple complex . Besides these main temples that are accessible to each member of the community , each house has also its own temple. Also at prominent points , small temples stand , such as at road junctions or banyan trees. Often just a victim here but stock is laid down , sometimes even can consist of a single stone, as you will see during your holiday in Bali. Religion plays a very important role , which is never stored in the everyday life of the Balinese. Prayer is living in Bali, where the gods are still revered and natural events are due to this .

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